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At Pappas DeLaney, We Help Clients

Hire Employees Who Thrive

What does it take to thrive in an organization? Every organization has different expectations for performance and behavior. Defining those expectations before hiring is essential for long-term success. Our proven method helps leadership create the pathway for successful hiring, learning from the past so the hiring process can be reliably scaled and deployed in the future.

Contrary to many opinions, hiring can be a consistent, effective, and repeatable process. Pappas DeLaney proprietary methods for helping organizations define and build a consistent and reliable approach to hire employees at any level. This exclusive method is included our executive search service at no additional cost and is also available separately.

Executive Search Services

Conducting executive searches for high-quality talent is something Pappas DeLaney has been doing for over twenty years. We are experts at conducting confidential searches and in a wide range of industry segments. We define the behaviors and skills needed, refine job descriptions and requirements, then approach the market with a proven, planned, and methodical process designed to focus on qualified (and interested) talent our clients require. We consistently deliver three to five qualified and interested candidates within 40-60 days from the start of the search and continue to submit candidates until one is hired.

Included in an Executive Search fee is Pappas DeLaney’s ThriveIn™ On-boarding process, which helps ensure the new employee is on excellent footing.

We are uniquely capable of handling (and avoiding) the following common complaints:

  • Senior/Technical searches taking five to eight months or longer
  • Short-tenured hires
  • Counteroffers
  • Introducing candidates of limited quality
  • Talent being “misrepresented” to clients

ThriveIn™ On-Boarding

A flawed onboarding process can diminish even the best talent. Often, how an employee is oriented to the position, teams, and the organization in the first six weeks can make the difference in how long they stay, how quickly they integrate, and how positive they are about the company.

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