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Effectively Leading Remote Teams

By News

working remote mobile officeI n the last fourteen days of the Coronavirus quarantine, leaders have been forced to change dramatically. Executives who could walk down the hall to check on the status of the project find offices empty and questions unanswered—if they are in offices at all. Meetings held on time are now interrupted and delayed by dogs, cats, children and spouses in the background unaware of the new demands on business. Meetings conducted in closed confidential meeting rooms, are now conducted in the open at kitchen tables, couches, and yes, even on beds. Internet services, once thought solid, strain as the resources for two spouses and home-from-school students streaming movies compete for broadband resources. Team members, never having to work from home find themselves in strange and often unproductive environments. Forgot files at the office? Too bad. Home cell service iffy at best will have to do.

The first team online meetings are chaotic and rudderless. Who is sick? Nobody, and everybody, and everything in between. Everyone else seems productive, why aren’t we? Customer demand hasn’t changed, but we are spread thin. What can we do? I could go on.

For the last 20 years, Pappas DeLaney has coached executives through thick and thin, up times and down, and this time: through dramatic and forced change. We have a team of expert coaches willing and able to help any leader through the challenges of leading a remote team effectively. The challenges are incredible and wonderful and there is an opportunity to shine through the darkness to provide leadership and encouragement for customers, team members and the industry.

For most of us, this is not a vacation, or sick leave. Don’t be left behind.

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