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At Pappas DeLaney, We Help You

Make a Difference

If you want to improve your leadership effectiveness, impact, and success, it begins with identifying, understanding, and leveraging your leadership strengths, style, and approach.

Learn to inspire credible and sustainable change throughout your organization, culture, and teams. Make a difference!

Pappas DeLaney’s Executive Coaching and Human Dynamics Division provides exceptional level coaching to leaders and potential leaders to enhance their leadership skills, perspective, and strategies to inspire, accelerate, and drive personal and cultural change.

The change through our coaching is real and sustainable.

Individual Outcomes
  • Foster professional growth
  • Gain greater self-awareness
  • Obtain professional and business expertise and objective insight
  • Identify and create strategies for conflict resolution
  • Identify skills, strengths, and gaps to improve leadership effectiveness
Organizational Outcomes
  • Increase retention of valued talent
  • Transform and optimize organizational culture
  • Improve morale throughout the organization
  • Enable change to occur seamlessly
  • Create an external competitive advantage

Our Services

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Executive Coaching Services

When you are faced with the responsibility of navigating through challenging organizational dynamics to create change, individually or collectively, we can provide you the needed objective perspective and insight to enhance leadership skills, strategies, and business outcomes to move forward with confidence.

Acclimation to a New Organization

Gain knowledge and understanding of your current and desired work environment and the impact of leadership behavior and style on operational performance and financial outcomes.

Leadership Trajectory Emerging Talent

Uncover, identify, assess, plan, and enhance your leadership capability.

Leadership Skills Development

Develop and enhance leadership skills to maximize leadership effectiveness and impact.

Bridge Coaching

Develop a strategy to effectively transition from one leadership position to another within the organization.

Behavioral Change Coaching

Address and resolve ineffective behavior or poor performance from leaders that negatively affect morale, retention, team dynamics, and outcomes.

ExecPath™ Transition Services

Create a positive and pro-active approach to support an individual to successfully and seamlessly transition out of the organization.

Mid-level Coaching Services – Thrive Programs

At the core of Pappas DeLaney's Thrive programs is creating a confidential and trusting environment for individuals to thrive and succeed. Our programs are designed for mid to upper-level leaders to excel and navigate through daily obstacles and challenges.

ThriveOn™ Learn, Teach & Drive™

Our ThriveOn™ model utilizes three broad elements: Learn, Teach and Drive. Our programs help leaders adequately LEARN about the organization and its culture, TEACH others the behavioral rules and expectations, and then DRIVE or hold individuals accountable for the behaviors necessary to produce the expected results.

Pappas DeLaney’s ThriveOn Learn, Teach & Drive™ program encompasses and considers all aspects of the Learn, Teach, and Drive model, enhancing leadership skills to maximize individual and team effectiveness and organizational impact.

Follow a simplified and individualized step-by-step ThrivePlan™, outlining goals, approach, timelines, measures, and strategies. The ThrivePlan™ is developed based on stakeholder(s) meetings, ThriveSuite™ Assessments, and Thrive360°™. Our Thrive program includes planned touchpoint meetings with the leader and stakeholder(s) to substantiate progress specified in the ThrivePlan™.

ThriveOn Team Optimization™

When you would like to understand and enhance team dynamics, Pappas DeLaney’s ThriveOn Team Optimization™ program can help through:

  • Retreats: Strengthen team focus, understand individual behaviors, and build rapport among members. Retreats may offer different focus elements, but they all operate within an overall plan.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values Planning: Plan, communicate, and organize individuals and teams around your vision, mission, and values through Pappas DeLaney’s executive consultants and skilled facilitators.

ThriveOut ExecPath™

Showing Executives the Path, Not the Door

When you find it necessary to make leadership changes, Pappas DeLaney’s ThriveOut ExecPath™ offers a unique approach to enable leaders to seamlessly transition out from the organization in a constructive manner with the help of an Execpath™ coach. You will discover this program creates several advantages:

  • Lessens the impact on the organization while maintaining the integrity and intellectual capital over traditional methods (firing and severance)
  • Allows the organization to proactively prepare for leadership change without announcing the departure until the executive is well on the path to other employment
  • Execpath™ methods have a return on the investment (the exiting executive typically maintains 85% productivity while transitioning out of the organization)
  • Sustains morale and internal productivity
  • Maintains positive public relations, internal and external to the organization
  • Avoids the costs of severance and outplacement while still providing legal protection
  • Provides an additional option to traditional means of transitioning an executive out of an organization and avoids delaying the decision until it has reached a critical stage
  • Experience shows us — this is the way employees want to be treated