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Thriving employees lead to thriving organizations.

What if 100% of your employees were thriving in your business? It is a well-established fact that thriving employees are more engaged, produce more, and stay longer. Everything we do at Pappas DeLaney revolves around peoples’ ability to thrive within their organizations. We help our clients identify specific behaviors and traits needed to thrive in their respective organizations. Once identified, we help incorporate those essential characteristics into consistent and replicable hiring processes, powerful employee development programs, and coaching programs for your key employees. Our executive search, executive coaching, and cultural transformation programs help create lasting results for your organization.

Our Mission

Our client-centered set of services is intended to help avoid many common pitfalls along the entire executive life cycle.

Whether it is:

  1. Identifying and landing key talent,
  2. On-boarding,
  3. Developing strong leadership and highly functioning teams, and
  4. Utilizing an organization-centered approach to exit talent when they no longer align with the stakeholders’ direction and vision.
Clients come to us to avoid some of the common issues:

  • Identifying and landing talent
  • High variability in the hiring process leading to uncertain results
  • Skills and abilities on paper, but not in practice
  • Short-tenured executives
  • Misalignment with the corporate objectives and expectations
  • Little or no leadership skills or tools
  • Dysfunctional and/or underperforming teams or leaders

Who We Serve

Pappas DeLaney works in virtually every market segment, including manufacturing, food and beverage, professional services, and healthcare. We work nationally in public and private sectors, including private equity, ESOP’s and family offices in organizations from $20MM to $2B. Our search engagements focus on leadership positions at C-suite, Executive, and Director levels.

Our Team

Our consulting team of experienced business leaders is driven to help our clients function confidently and efficiently in the ever-changing talent management space. Whether it is finding talent in a saturated market or a needle in a haystack, honing individual leadership skills, improving agility, and creating peak performing teams, Pappas DeLaney is uniquely experienced and knowledgeable at guiding our clients with a planned, practical client-centered approach.

Jay Rosencrantz

Jay Rosencrantz, MA, BA

Chief Strategy Officer
Search Consultant, Executive Coach

Heather Alberti

Heather Alberti, BA

Chief Executive Officer
Search Consultant

Tim Pappas

Tim Pappas, MA, BS

Founder, Partner
Search Consultant, Executive Coach